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Manufacturer Painter

Monroe Towmaster, LLC.
Job Description
Monroe Towmaster Inc.

Physical Demands and Working Condition
Position: Painter
Amount for each day spent:
Standing 60% Walking 30% Sitting 10% Total 100% (8-10hrs per day)
Location: Paint Booths and paint kitchen

While performing the job, employees will be required to do the following physical activities in varying frequencies:
Twisting Bending Kneeling Use a paint gun
Stooping Squatting Grasping
Lifting (60-75 lbs) Carrying (20-80 lbs) Blending paints
Pushing/Pulling Reaching Up/Down Using cleaning Solutions
Operate overhead hoist or cranes and power lift trucks. Mix, blend paints as instructed. Apply paint to required thickness by use of a spray gun. Clean equipment as instructed. Respond to verbal and written instructions. Remove and replace tires. Maintain production standards.
Work environment:
Employees must be able to cope with Minnesota climates; endure heat and cold conditions in the shop. Heavy workloads and high noise levels are normal. Paint fumes and exposure to chemicals associated with an industrial paint department. PPE, the company provides Personal Protective Equipment as require by OSHA. Painters are required to wear paint suits, gloves, and fresh air respirators. Hearing, eye and foot protection required. Latex or vinyl gloves must be worn when working with the paints and cleaning solutions.
Education/Work History:
Developed painting techniques. Knowledge of surfaces and types of paint applications. Not color blind. Understanding of the painting equipment and how to maintain it. Ability to read instructions and resolve problems.

We offer a competitive wage and benefit package including:

  • 401k with Company Match
  • Health Insurance
  • Vision & Dental Insurance
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Spending
  • Paid Time Off

If interested submit resume using the "Apply Now" feature or...

Monroe TowMaster is part of a multi-state leading truck equipment manufacturer/installer with locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Kentucky. Learn more about us at

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Job Type: Full-time

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