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Part-time Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Coordinator

Meeker County
Job Description
Position Summary:
The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Coordinator will coordinate, facilitate, and implement the Meeker County AIS Program.  Under the direction of the County Land Use and Records Division Director/AIS Committee, the Coordinator will provide information and education to lake users and lake property owners on AIS issues.  Develop a strong partner and volunteer network.  Ensure coordination and implementation of the AIS Work Plan. 
This is position is dependent on receipt of State funding.
Representative Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Administer implementation of the AIS Work Plan in coordination with the project stakeholders, county staff and partner organizations.
  2. Work with lake groups to monitor and map aquatic plants and develop native plant protection and invasive plant control plans.  Assist in coordinating and implementing AIS treatment strategies as needed.
  3. Convene and direct taskforce activities or project teams to assess needs in the development of the annual AIS Work Plan.
  4. Encourage and promote active stakeholder/taxpayer involvement.
  5. Provide leadership toward the involvement of and diversity in the representation of the affected stakeholders.
  6. Conduct information and education programs for lake and river organizations, civic groups, schools and the general public including presentations to groups, informational meetings, news releases, training, and workshops.
  7. Assist with preparation of applications for aquatic invasive species and lake planning grants.
  8. Maintain records including budgets, bills and accounts for the AIS programs.
  9. Continually monitor and provides regular reports of progress of the AIS Work Plan and activities to all stakeholders and the County Board.
  10. Implement and manage project changes and interventions necessary to achieve project outputs.
  11. Perform other related duties as assigned.
  1. General knowledge of soil and water conservation issues, including lake issues.
  2. Knowledge of principles and practices of public administration and modern office management.
  3. Knowledge of group dynamics and group facilitation.
  4. Knowledge and skill in the area of planning, organizing, and coordination projects and system processes.
  5. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs to effectively manage project data and create presentations.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other County officials, boards, lake associations, state departments, and the general public.
  7. Ability to plan, organize, direct and manage the work of others.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  9. Ability to direct product development.
  10. Ability to provide excellent customer service.
  11. Ability to direct strategy development and implementation.
Skills and Abilities:
Above-average organizational ability and attention to detail. 
Effective written communication skills. 
Proven group facilitation experience.
Exemplary public speaking ability.
Proven adaptability and team-building skills. 
Effective at utilizing persuasive techniques.
Education:  Degree in business, administrative, natural resources, or related field(s) is preferred, but not required.
Job-Related Experience: Previous experience in business, administrative, and/or financial accountability is preferred.
Physical Demands:  Occasional lifting of up to 25 pounds.  Exposures may include, but are not limited to, disagreeable odors, noise and communicable diseases, inclement weather conditions.  Duties include being able to perform the following movements on an occasional to continuous basis: walking, bending, turning/twisting, kneeling, sitting, standing, reaching, grasping and finger manipulation. 
Work Environment:  Work is performed within County Office Building, with some travel to other worksites to conduct/attend meetings, educate public, and county lakes.
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